Cassian Baliarsingh

It is rightly said that a breakup is the most painful feeling ever. But, a girl has beautifully connected her breakup story to Indian brands and the internet is mighty impressed.

The video shared by Muskan Ranka has quickly amassed millions of views and shares across all social media platforms. It is dubbed as one of the best content on the internet today.

In the video, we can see Muskan standing inside a mall and sharing her story of heartbreak while subtly integrating various Indian brands into her narrative. She very cunningly connects the brands names with the behavior and attitude of her ex-boyfriend.

Her unique breakup story has resonated well with social media users and has created an emotional yet funny connection. Sharing the video, Muskan wrote, “On my way to my favourite shopping destination Phoenix to cover more brands sooooon.”

Since being shared online, the video has garnered 536K likes with thousands of comments from her followers. The video has almost doubled her number of followers on Instagram.

“One of the best reel content I have seen since ages,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “This is called content,” while a third user wrote, “This is why I pay for the internet.”

“Finally, I can say that a girl can also make exceptionally great content instead of just dancing and grabbing views,” commented another follower.

“Creativity at its best,” wrote another user.