Cassian Baliarsingh

A video of a girl getting caught by her boyfriend’s mother and getting thrashed in full public view has caused quite a stir online. The viral clip shows the angry mother attacking the young girl for allegedly trying to meet her son outside their house.

The video starts with the girl on a scooter reaching outside her boyfriend’s house to meet him. However, she is instead welcomed by his furious mother who tries to attack her. The angry mother even takes away the keys of the scooter, escalating the situation further.

Popular social media handle Ghar Ke Kalesh shared the video and wrote, “Kalesh b/w a Girl and her Boyfriend's Mom (Girl Called her Boyfriend to meet him but Got Caught by his Mom Instead).”

The viral video has left viewers simultaneously bewildered and oddly entertained, sparking a frenzy of reactions across the internet. The video has garnered over 808.9K views with around 4.3K likes.

“Apni Hone wali Bahu ka Swagat aunty ne kuch is tarah kiya !! 🤣 Mhare chhore ki zindgi kharab kar di!!,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Aunty chut1ya hai, inko lagta hai inka beta dudh ka dhula hua hoga aur is ladki ne fasaya hoga.”

“Papa ki pari ko pakad liya aaj toh 😂 Future wali sas bahu wala kalesh 😂😀,” commented a third user.

The exact date and location of the viral incident remains unascertained.

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