Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Undeniably, a person who stands behind you in times of need is your true friend. Humans slowly learn, who their real friend is, as they grow older. 

Children are innocent and their minds don’t get polluted easily. In childhood, most of us find such friends who stand with us at times of need apart from being partners in crime, fun, mischief, or anything else.

Here we bring a video in which a minor boy has won the internet with his kind and noble gestures.

A video shared by Jaiky Yadav on Twitter shows a group of school children enjoying their midday meal.

However, one of the children can easily get distinguished from the group and draw anyone’s attention.

As seen in the video, the boy is feeding another boy sitting close to him and then he feeds himself. He repeats his action again.

As it seems from the video, the boy helped his friend, who is a divyang. The gestures of the divyang boy show that he is mentally ill and is unable to eat the food with his own hands. 

Well, it was not needed by him when he has a friend like the boy.

The video has garnered over 992K views with over 45K likes. Even the netizens have showered praises and blessings for the boy, who was there for his friend in his time of need.