Poonam Singh

The Internet is filled with several kinds of videos, and among this wide variety, many love watching the reactions of foreigners while savouring Indian food. These reaction videos make for an interesting watch as we get to know what foreigners think about our food. 

Recently, one such video went viral on social media where a South-Korean woman is seen trying different flavours of pani-puri and giving her rating to this popular Indian street food.

The video was shared on Instagram by a user called Meggy Kim, with the caption, “Share it with Pani puri lover.''

In the video, Kim is seen wearing a saree and standing next to a stall of a 'pani puri' vendor. She then tries different 'pani puri' flavours like tamarind, heeng, jaljeera, mint, garlic, and lemon. And after every bite, she gives a rating to each flavour.

Though she loved the garlic and lemon flavours and rated them 10 out of 10, she was not impressed with the tamarind and jaljeera flavoured pani puri.

This video was shared on December 20. Since being uploaded, it has been liked 72,000 times and has had several comments as well.

One user wrote, "As an Indian, never knew Pani Puri had these many flavours.'' Another user commented, ''Need justice for tamarind pani puri .'' 

A third person added, "Am I the only one who did know about garlic panipuri, '' while the fourth one wrote, "Are ye hoti kon h pani puri ko rate karne wali.''