Poonam Singh

Another chaotic wedding, which took place in Palamu district of Jharkhand, recently hit the headlines. Reason is a fight between the bride's and groom's sides on the stage during the garland ceremony. 

According to a Jagaran report, soon after the "varmala" ritual was finished, the groom’s maternal uncle wanted to take a picture with the bride. However, the bride's family opposed it due to which wedding guests from both sides started to argue over it.

The incident happened on May 11 (Wednesday) as the wedding procession travelled from Palamu to Uroor village. Up until the start of the conflict between the two groups, the wedding ritual was going on smoothly. Following Jaimala, the groom’s maternal uncle started demanding on taking pictures first, which led to a fight between the two families.

According to the report, two dozen people including the groom suffered injuries in the fight. 

The groom was furious over the brawl and initially refused to get married.

After the intervention of station in-charge Kamlesh Kumar, the groom after much convincing agreed to tie the knot. The couple reportedly got married the next day and completed the pending rituals in the presence of the police.