Soumya Prakash Pradhan

On social media, different types of videos are available with some going viral. Videos on parenting are also a hit now a day.

There are also videos that compare how mothers show love to their daughters versus how fathers react to their sons. 

Such, above-mentioned, videos highlight how mothers and daughters often win hearts on social media, while fathers are sometimes portrayed in a negative light for their behavior.

Recently, a viral video added fuel to this discussion, showing a father slapping his son for making a Vlog at home. 

In the video, the father asks what the boy is doing, and the boy responds, "Vlog." The father then slaps him hard, saying, "You've come back all clean-shaven," and later adds, "You never listen to me." 

The son's shocked reaction is met with immediate violence as his father slaps him and grabs him by the neck.

This video has sparked a heated debate among users about whether it is ever acceptable to physically discipline a child. 

One user commented, "Hitting your child, at any age, is never acceptable and should not be normalised, even if this is meant as a joke or staged." 

Another user commented, "The world needs more parenting education than sex education." Yet another noted, "Many Indian parents vent their frustrations and failures on their children." 

Another user lamented, "This is not funny; it's a sad reality of Indian parenting."

Someone else quipped, "What's the issue with a clean shave?" and another remarked, "Indian fathers can be harsh." One user even asked, "Why hit him? You're clean-shaven yourself!"

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