Cassian Baliarsingh

Pets, especially cats and dogs, mean a lot to those who know their value. They become a member of the family and are the most loyal beings when loved the right way.

There have been several instances of people going extra miles to make their pets feel special. You might have heard of people taking their dogs for travelling and doing adorable things for them. But, a desi family from Jharkhand took the love for their pet to another level.

Yes! You read that right.

धनबाद में एक पालतू कुत्ते की जन्मदिन पार्टी को देख लोग बोले ‘क़िस्मत सहो तो ऐसी’

— Shubhankar Mishra (@shubhankrmishra) December 1, 2022

A family from Loyabad area in Jharkhand’s Dhanbad threw a huge party for their pet dog’s birthday with at least 350 guests in attendance. Imagine 350 guests for a pet dog’s birthday party which is way more than a person’s birthday party or even a baby’s first birthday.

The grand celebration was hosted by a family for their pet dog Oscar. Moreover, the dog was dressed up in a suit worth Rs 4,500 and invitation cards were printed for all the 350 guests.

Not just close relatives, many guests from far away attended the birthday party. The family organized a cake cutting ceremony and an aarti was also performed. Among the many gifts, Oscar also received three gold lockets.

In the viral video, a lot of people gathered for the birthday party. A woman, presumably the mom, is seen cuddling the dog and plants kisses on him. Moreover, the cake is no ordinary feat. The huge cake has photos of Oscar with the family.

The adorable video shared by a Twitter user Shubhankar Mishra received lots of love from social media users. The video has 4,604 likes and 508 retweets till now. People also flooded it with beautiful comments and shared pictures of their own pets.

Interestingly, the parents of the puppy had rescued it from a roadside when it was just 20-day-old. Now, the pet has got a family. The world could have been a happier space, if more such people existed.

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