Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Nature never fails to surprise. Wildlife explorers witness several such surprising incidents in forests. However, few incidents are uncommon as well as shocking. Here we bring one such video in which a buffalo miraculously escaped from a pride of lions.

Only the lucky ones can escape the jaws of death. But could you ever imagine a buffalo escaping from the deadly jaws of a lion? And, can anyone escape while the 'King of Wild' feeds on its prey with its pride?

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet showing such an astonishing incident.

In the video, several lions can be seen feeding on the buffalo lying still on the ground. While one male lion can be seen grabbing its neck, others can be seen grabbing it from all sides. Suddenly, the buffalo starts moving its body confirming it is still alive.

Meanwhile, a lioness stands up and walks to a side. But another lioness starts following the first and attacks it. However, as the two lionesses start fighting, a lion interrupts them. In a few moments, the entire pride gets busy in an intense fight.

In the meantime, the buffalo tries its luck to escape. However, the lion grabbing its neck interrupts it. But, as soon as the predator gets busy with other lions, the buffalo gets up and starts running away.
While the pride of the lions is engaged in the fight, the buffalo luckily gets its chance to escape from its certain death. However, the pride of the lions in their fight allows the buffalo to escape.

Shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Nature is Amazing, the video has garnered millions of views and massive likes. Moreover, the comments section is also flooded with statements from netizens expressing their surprise.