Cassian Baliarsingh

There have been countless reports of injuries involved due to the use of social media or making reels. However, youths often put their lives at risk for the craze of going viral or becoming famous on social media.

Youngsters try to showcase their dance, style, bike stunts and other talents on social media without taking enough safety measures. It is perfectly ok to showcase one’s style and talent, but safety is also important at the same time.

One such attempt to show her skill without being careful has proved no different for a young girl. Social media users termed it as ‘instant karma’ and also ‘epic fail’ moment.

The video was shared on Twitter by a user identified as @ShockingClip. In the video, we can see a girl trying to balance a tissue paper roll on her lower back.

The girl turns on the camera and places her phone on a table to record her. Later, she takes a tissue paper roll and bends down so as to put the tissue paper on her lower back. However, as she bends and puts the tissue paper roll, she forgets that her head is hardly 2-3 inches away from the room’s wall.

As she tries to balance the roll, she leaps only to bang her head hard against the wall and then cries in pain. 

The hilarious video has gone viral with over 83.1K views. Users also posted several hilarious comments with funny emojis. 

“That was a hahaha,” commented one user while another wrote, “Lol. Stupid girl.” However, many users were awestruck with the girl’s beauty and pointed out that she looked stunning.

“That was hot as hell,” a user commented while another user wrote, “I swear I have seen her somewhere.”