Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Everyone tends to prefer restricted mobility and activities as old age kicks in. However, there are many elderly persons with full of life. These people break the stereotype and do such thing that leaves everyone amazed. 

Here we bring a video of an elderly woman, who stole the show at an event with her terrific dance moves. As seen in the video, the woman, identified as Rekha Bajaj, danced her heart out while performing on a few iconic Punjabi songs. 

Her Bhangra hook steps certainly will leave anyone’s jaws dropped.

Shail Sharma, a musician, and DJ, shared the video on Instagram. He captioned the video, “So This is what I Witnessed Today in front of my console when I saw this lady ( Rekha Mam ) Came up with few Iconic Punjabi Songs Request & took over the dancefloor with her karizmatic Dance moves🌟🔥 and trust We ( Me and my Band Members were completely awestruck to see the way she dance so gracefully😍🙌 and this shows no matter how life treats you but you should always live it to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it❤️😍”

Rekha danced with her family members on the dance floor giving serious challenges to the youngsters. 

While netizens appreciated the energy within Rekha, many called her a superstar. 

Rekha also thanked Shail and wrote, “Thank you so much. It was a great fun with you guys on Adi’s wedding celebrations. Shailarmy you rocked. Enjoyed every moment till last song.”

As learned from the comments in the post, Rekha works as the vice-principal at BVPS. 


One user, an old student of the ‘show-stealer’, wrote, “The moment I came across this video, I immediately thought 'Hey why does this lady remind me of Rekha mam? And as I saw further, it was indeed her. Nothing has changed about Rekha Mam- her signature Bindi and the swag that she commanded ever since our school days. So lovely to see you again Mam🙌. Glad to have been taught by you.”