Poonam Singh

A small village in Bihar's Samastipur district became the backdrop for a tumultuous affair when a determined bride disrupted her own wedding procession, leaving her family shocked in disgrace. 

According to a Live Hindustan report, the incident took in the Singhia police station area

Reportedly, the bride was in a relationship with a youth from their village and wanted to marry him. However, her family had fixed her marriage at another place, which was scheduled to take place on March 8 (Friday).

A day before her marriage, the bride allegedly eloped with her lover, leaving her family in shock.

With police help, the bride’s family was able to track her using mobile location data.

However, after coming back home, the girl refused to get married despite her family’s tremendous effort to change her mind. However, she didn’t budge from her decision forcing the family to call off the wedding when the groom arrived with his baarat.

Subsequently, the bride’s family reluctantly agreed to marry her to her lover. However, the once-committed boyfriend abruptly refused to proceed with the marriage, declaring his adamant stance.

Additional Police Station In-charge Deep Shikha stated that no formal complaint had been lodged, assuring that the police would take action if a complaint was registered.