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The timely action of a bus conductor in Kerala gave a new lease of life to a passenger who was about to fall off a speeding bus. Footage of the incident caught on camera has now been going viral on social media platforms. Since being shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), the bus conductor is getting all the praises for being the saviour and using his flex on time. The video shows a conductor making ticket for two passengers who are seen standing next to him.

All of a sudden, one of the passengers loses his balance and is about to fall off the bus after the driver applies brake. However, the bus conductor quickly shows his reflexes and holds the hand of the passenger, thereby saving his life.

If not for the conductor, the passenger would have fallen off the bus and crushed under its wheel. Social media users cannot help but heap praises on the bus conductor for giving a new lease of life to the passenger. Netizens are even calling him the ‘desi spiderman’.

“Respect for bus conductor 🫡 He is the desi spiderman,” commented a fan.

Another user commented, “Kerala bus conductor with 25th Sense saves a guy from Falling Down from Bus.”

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“Bro should check if he has spiderman super powers,” commented another user.

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