Cassian Baliarsingh

From couples engaging in PDA to social media influencers filming reels inside the coaches, Delhi Metro has been hogging the limelight over certain out-of-the-ordinary incidents of late.

After repeated complaints of public PDAs and couples locking lips, DMRC issued a statement asking commuters to behave responsibly. Meanwhile, a video of three youths playing guitar and singing Bollywood songs to entertain the commuters has been going viral on social media.

The youths can be seen singing different Bollywood songs in the crowded metro as passengers can be seen recording the video on their cellphones. Since being shared online, the video has received around 243k views and over 19000 likes since being uploaded on YouTube.

The video has received mixed reactions from social media users who took to the comments section and gave their opinions on the video.

“Tumhara video dekh ke guitar shikhne laga hun. Love from Nepal,” commented a user.
Another user wrote, “Fire. I can listen to this for hours,” while another user commented, “Doing this in the Delhi metro is illegal.”

A few days back, a video of a couple kissing each other had gone viral and created quite a stir on social media with majority disdaining the act.