Cassian Baliarsingh

In a heart-warming video, a man became emotional and could not control his tears while dropping off his daughter to her new college. The video of him bursting into tears has now been going viral on social media.

The viral clip, shared by the man’s daughter has now garnered over eight million views with over 958,000 likes. The girl has been identified as Preksha. 

Watch the video below:



A post shared by Preksha (@pre.xsha)

Sharing on her Instagram handle, Preksha wrote, “They were dropping me off at "our" dream destination Miranda House College, Delhi University. It was my first day so we were just exploring the campus and suddenly i noticed tears rolling down my father's eyes."

Further, Ms Preksha said, "He (Her father) was so overwhelmed with happiness and was on another level of emotions. The fact that his jigar ka tukda would be living far away from him was a bitter truth too. But those tears told me that all the sacrifices i made, all the hard work I did, each and everything I did to achieve this dream was all worth it in the end. All I can say is I can do anything to see your smiley faces and sparkling eyes! Thank you mumma papa! I love you". 
In the viral video, we can see Preksha's mother and father dropping her off at her college, Delhi University's Miranda House. As per Preksha’s caption, her father broke down into tears while taking a tour of the campus. 

This touching moment left the internet emotional too. Many celebrities including 'Mismatched' actor Rohit Sharaf and famous web series actor Ayush Mehra also commented on the post.

Ayush Mehra wrote, "So pure big hugssss to all three of you," while Rohit commented, "This is the best video on the internet. Love this so so much. Congratulations!!"

Moreover, the official account of Netflix India too left a comment on the video. "The perfectly match soundtrack for such a beautiful moment. Big hugs to everyone on this journey," it read.