Mrunal Manmay Dash

When it is pakora, imagination is your only limit. This is the speciality of this Indian dish which can be moulded in any way possible. But this woman seemed to have taken her imagination to a whole new level with the Dairy Milk 'pakora’, yes, you heard it right. A woman is selling pakoras made of Dairy Milk chocolate and the video of the same is going viral on social media.

The video, which was shared by Hetal’s Art page under the caption, ‘Indian Dishes And Recipes To Try Now,’ has garnered 19 million views on Facebook.

The video shows a woman who has setup a ‘thela’ alongside an unknown road, unwrap a Dairy Milk chocolate and dips the whole chocolate in a batter before deep frying it in a pan.

After the pakora is fried, she takes it out and serves them with some seasoning and green chutney. While the end product looks delicious, the taste of the same remains questionable, as evident from the comments on the video.

One user, Rima Shah replied, “Way to destroy both chocolate and pakoras.”

“Omg dairy milk chocolate ki bhajiya my goodness she's completely mad,” another user, Shivani Padole wrote.

Nalini Solanki wrote, “Duniya ki sab chize ye besan me daal deti he..kabi began..kabhi pura tometo..kabhi ice cream..kabhi choclate.. God plz give her sense of cooking..”

As the internet penetration reaches deep into the countryside, it has become increasingly easy for people to promote their businesses. Facebook and Youtube are the primary medium to do the same. However, while the social media can help businesses to a great extent, it can attract criticism easily as well, as evident from this video.