Rashmi Ranjan

They say dads are heroes. The saying holds significance as the fathers are the ones who go an extra mile to provide all the luxury to their family members while sacrificing their part of the happiness.

Recently, a cute video a man prompting his little daughter who was dancing at the annual function of her school has gone viral on the internet.

In the viral video, the man can be seen helping his daughter with the dance steps while the little girl performs on the stage.

The man enacts the steps making sure his daughter performs well and does not forget the steps.

The video has gained a massive traction and has been liked by over 8000 users.

“That's something which i really wanna do in future,” one user commented while another user commented, “God isn't real , father is god always real.”

Another user commented, “That's we girls want a boy like our father,” while another wrote, “Bohut sahi” with a heart emoji.