Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Crocodiles are extremely violent and ferocious reptiles. Before walking close to it, any person would think twice, unless trained and experienced. One bite of this water monster can cause extensive injury or loss of life.

It would be certainly surprising to find a crocodile getting happy and allowing anyone to pamper it. Though sounds surprising, a recent video proves, that even these aquatic monsters need love and to get pampered.

In a viral video, a crocodile can be seen swimming towards the shore. A person can be seen holding a raw chicken leg piece. The person tempts the crocodile with the chicken piece and the reptile opens its mouth waiting for the snack.

However, instead of feeding the crocodile, the person teases it for a while. Such action was to tempt the crocodile out of the water. Finally, the person feeds the crocodile and the reptile happily starts munching.

As the crocodile slips down into the water, the person starts pampering it. As it seems, enjoying the pampering and love, the crocodile closes its eyes and opens its mouth out of pleasure.

The video shared on Twitter by Wild Content has gone viral on social media inviting heart-warming comments from netizens. Moreover, it has amassed over a million views.

One user wrote, “That face it makes when it gets petted.” (sic)

Another wrote, “I never knew you could pet a crocodile.” (sic)

“Dangerously cute!” wrote a third user. (sic)