Rashmi Rekha Das

Everyone has an idol someone they admire and look up to. No matter who your idol is, this person matters a lot to you. So, when one gets the opportunity to see or meet his idol, his happiness knows no bounds. 

A Twitter user named Vinesh Prabhu, who is a diehard fan of cricketer Richa Ghosh went through some similar kind of experience. He felt on the top of the world after getting gloves autographed by his idol. 

He could not stop himself from sharing the picture of the same on the social media platform and the response was overwhelming.

Taking to Twitter, Vinesh shared a picture of batting gloves in which the gear was autographed by cricketer Richa Ghosh, who plays for women's cricket team. 

According to Vinesh, Richa had given him her gloves because he didn't have anything to get the autograph of Richa. 

“I told Richa Ghosh that I want her autograph but didn't have anything to take it on. She told me to wait...went in the dressing room and gave her own pair of match-worn gloves and autographed it. Much appreciated @13richaghosh. Thank you,” reads the caption of Vinesh’s post.

In no time, the post went viral on internet with social media users ushering their love for the cricketer through their comments.

“That’s so nice of her”, wrote a Twitter user.

Another user wrote: “Proud to be her fan and proud to be the fan of this team in general”.

A third user wrote: “Queen behaviour”.

A fourth user wrote: “That’s so sweet of her.”