Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Car parking is a major problem in urban areas both in developed and developing countries. Though cities have designated parking places, streets often get crowded with motor vehicles on the roadside causing trouble for pedestrians or other vehicle owners.

Such troubles are mostly caused by some foolish car owners who just want to park their vehicles without bothering about other’s convenience. However, have you ever seen any car owner jumping over several other vehicles to park his/her vehicle? 

Here we bring a video that recently surfaced on social media which shows such a hard-to-believe incident.

As seen in the video, several cars are parked at a designated place with a vacant space adequate for another car parking. Suddenly, a speedy car approaches from the road and rams over the parked vehicles. Running over the parked cars, the car swiftly lands at the vacant place.

Well, though the driver certainly didn’t intend to park his vehicle, the crash parking of the driver makes it look like so.

While the origin of the video couldn’t be ascertained, the incident was captured on the CCTV installed near the parking place. The video shared on X by Enezator has gone viral amassing massive views. Even the video has triggered hilarious comments from netizens.

One user wrote, “Above parallel parking . Well done.” (sic)

“Oh my goodness nice parking,” wrote a second user. (sic)

“Great skill for Parking,” wrote another. (sic)