Poonam Singh

Indian weddings are all about grand ceremonies, tasty food, bright colours, lights, and a lot of fun. Speaking of grand weddings, the practice of celebratory firing is still pretty common in many north-Indian states. Though such firings are illegal and often lead to accidental deaths, the semi-feudal tradition still continues to be in practice.

One such video is going viral on social media wherein a couple was seen holding a gun and firing in the air, during their wedding. The video was shared on Instagram by the groom himself.

The viral video of the celebratory gunfire shows the newly-wed couple’s contrasting reactions as the shot went off. While the groom was calm and composed, the bride was visibly startled and shocked after firing the shot on the wedding stage.

In the viral clip, you can see the groom and bride standing on the wedding stage with a country-made gun in their hand pointing towards the air. The groom can be seen saying something to his bride before pressing the trigger. After the celebratory firing, the groom was normal but the bride seemed to be anxious.

Social media users also reacted to the video and slammed the couple for the celebratory firing. One wrote, “Next din notice police ka”, while another person wrote, “Didi dar gyi didi dar gyi” “Police wants to know your location,” a user said.

The video amassed a lot of heart and fire emojis. The video has grabbed 1.7 million views and over 135K likes so far.