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Heatwaves pose significant threats to animals across various ecosystems. Under these extreme weather events, animals that cannot find adequate shelter or water sources are particularly vulnerable. Wildlife, including mammals, birds, and insects, face disrupted habitats as heatwaves alter the availability of food and water. The prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion, and in severe cases, death.

We come across multiple instances of animals or birds collapsing due to heatstroke. But, only some lucky victims get immediately attended by kind people and they get a new lease of life. Here we bring a video that shows a cop 'pumping' life into a monkey that fainted due to a possible heatstroke. 

In the video, the cop can be seen giving CPR to the fainted monkey. The scroll in the video reads, "The monkey fainted due to heat, the policeman saved his life. The cop continues to give CPR to the monkey unstoppably for a while. A moment later, the cop opens the primate's mouth and pours water into it. Next, he picks the poor monkey in his hands and starts rubbing. 

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The monkey regained consciousness a few moments later and seemed surprised after getting a new life. The cop makes the monkey stand and another man administers an injection. Next, the cop pours water on the primate. A few moments later, the monkey starts jumping. Well, this act of kindness of the cop saved the monkey's life.

While the origin of the video couldn't be obtained, it is shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Nature is Amazing. The video has garnered over 267K views and has been liked by over 3.4K netizens. Even the comments section is flooded with notes appreciating the cop's kindness. 

Indeed, understanding the challenges posed by heatwaves is crucial for the conservation of wildlife and the welfare of domestic animals in our changing climate. And, every small action counts.

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