Poonam Singh

A woman's mermaid costume has caused quite a stir online. The video, shared on Instagram, shows her wearing a gown with live fish attached, drawing criticism for the ill-treatment of living creatures in the name of fashion. 

In the video, the woman stands in the mermaid outfit which is attached with shells and sequined. There is also a small bowl attached to the dress in the front. Later, live fish are poured into a bowl at the front of her dress. She then poses with the fish.

The incident sparked a debate on the ethical treatment of animals, with many condemning the use of live creatures as accessories.

This controversial video, posted on September 30 by the user @ohsopretty_makeover, quickly went viral, amassing over eight million views and numerous likes. Social media star Urfi Javed has also reacted to the video and wrote, “Love it.”

However, the attention wasn't all positive. Social media users expressed concerns about the well-being of the live fish and labelled the display as cruel.

An individual wrote, " Using innocent animals just to look fashionable?! Absolutely cringe."

A second commented, " Stupidity at heights." A third said, "So to the people who are complaining about how people aren’t appreciating how talented she is, the dress indeed is very pretty on its own it’s just the intensional cruelty towards fishes which is absolutely disgustingly wrong and which is why a lot of people are disappointed ( which is quite reasonable)."