Poonam Singh

A Hindu girl from Kerala’s Kozhikode, studying in Class 4, secured first place in a Quran recitation competition leaving everyone stunned by her fluency in Arabic.

The student named Parvathy of Chemmarathur LP School surprised everyone by winning first prize with an A grade. The Quran Recitation Competition was hosted by the Thodannur sub-district arts festival.

According to a DNA report, Parvathy left everyone stunned when she began reciting The Quran with the Arabic phrase "Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem," which translates to "In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful."

Parvathy, who hails from a Hindu family, has become the face of religious harmony in the region after winning the Quran Recitation Competition.

Parvathy has a twin sister, Parvana, who is also fluent in Arabic. Their teacher Ruqaiya said both sisters are good at learning the language.

Notably, Parvathy's father and mother encouraged their daughter to learn a new language as they thought learning a new language will be helpful for them in the future.

Parvathy's father, Nalish Bobby is an IT professional while her mother, Dina Prabha is an English teacher.