Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Nature and wildlife are quite unpredictable. One can never know from which side danger will approach. Before venturing into a forest, a person must have adequate knowledge about the wild and its inhabitants. Of course, experience also matters a lot as a skilled person can face the threat and take appropriate measures to survive in the wild.

The same rule applies to the inhabitants of the forest as well. Predators hunt down smaller or weaker animals for food. It is quite common to find carnivorous animals hunting down their prey in the wild. But, it is quite rare to find herbivorous animals picking up a fight with an animal of other species. Moreover, it would be utterly shocking to find smaller animals locking horns with an animal larger in size and strength.

Recently, a video surfaced on social media that shows a rhinoceros locking horns with a huge elephant to protect its offspring. 

As seen in the video, the rhino devotes all its energy to pushing back the huge elephant. However, the much larger and stronger elephant easily tackles the attack with its trunk. To protect its offspring, the adult rhino gathers strength to face off the huge jumbo. 

Later, the elephant drinks water from a nearby pond. But, the rhino remains conscious all the time and as soon as the jumbo steps back, it again launches an attack. The jumbo had arrived with its herd and the rhino was just with its offspring. As it seems, the jumbo had no intention to intensify the fight for which it picks up a wooden log and throws it towards the rhino so that it steps back.

Well, though the incident seems to be surprising, the elephant managed it in a cool way without further intensifying the fight.

The video shared on Twitter by Tuong_PiNetwork has gone viral. Several users have expressed their anxiousness for the end result of the fight.