Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle is very popular for his massive sixes on the cricket ground. However, the Universe Boss also has a keen interest in Indian music as well as dance.

Recently, a video gained a lot of traction on social media in which Chris is seen celebrating Navratri among the other Gujarat Giants players in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The cricketers exhibited stunning moves as they groove to traditional music on a special Garba night. 

The team danced to the dhol beats in the traditional outfit which enthralled the fans a lot.

Now, another video of Chris has surfaced on the internet in which he is seen performing ‘Thumka’.

Well, the video shared on Instagram by Instant Bollywood seems to be an edited version, with Govinda’s ‘UP Wala Thumka’ song from Hero No. 1 in the background.

As seen in the video, a girl is seen instructing Chris to try his skills doing 'Thumka' by posing with a hand on her head and the other on her waist. Later, the girl also teaches her how to move the waist and heaps in proper sync to do the 'Thumka' with perfection. 

Chris follows the instructions and tries to recreate the dance move. However, he fails miserably only to move his legs with hands on his head and waist.