Rashmi Ranjan

Among other adventurous sports, Bungee Jumping is an exciting and thrilling water sport. The exciting sports can be found in millions of people’s wishlists who love adventurous activities. But, there are also a lot of risks involved with the Bungee Jumping.

Recently, a terrifying video of a Bungee Jumping horribly going wrong for a girl has surfaced on the internet.

As seen in the video, which is shared by a Twitter page-CCTV IDIOTS, a girl can be seen standing on the edge of the launching pad wearing all safety gear and getting ready for a jump.

The girl was then pushed by the Bungee Jumping operator. But, unfortunately, the elastic cord suddenly broke when the girl was having a free fall and she ended up being plunged into the river. 



Though we cannot confirm what happened to the victim after the freak accident, several internet users claim the girl survived the mishap.

As soon as the video surfaced on the internet, it has gone viral and garnered 7.5 million views and over 17000 likes. 

“This is why I would never ever do a bungee jump,” an internet user commented while another wrote, “Life is full of risk’s already.  Why add more?”

“Rule #1 Don’t get hurt on vacation,” a third user commented.