Cassian Baliarsingh

Siblings care is the purest form of love, especially for sisters. The bond between a brother and a sister is always unique and distinctive. No bond can ever be as pure as those of a brother and a sister. 

From growing together to fighting for little things, brothers and sisters share an amazing bond and no equipment has been invented to measure the love shared by a brother and a sister.

Meanwhile, a video of a little boy safeguarding his younger sister and doing every bit to make sure that they don’t fall as the duo rides a bi-cycle is going viral. The heartwarming video will surely make you miss your sister and is winning hearts on social media.

In the video, we can see a little girl seated on the seat of a bicycle. To make sure that she doesn’t fall down from the cycle, the boy ties her legs to the bar near the handle. He makes sure that the legs are tied properly before he takes her on a ride.

The video of the elder sibling taking precautions so that his baby sister doesn’t fall and injure herself has touched people’s hearts online.

Shared by a Twitter user Urdu Novels, the video has garnered over 42K likes, 1092 likes, 169 retweets and counting. The caption of the video reads, “Brother’s Love.”

Social media users hailed the boy for his protectiveness and love for his little sister.

“Heart-wrenching. Glad to see brother standing for his little sis,” wrote a user while another commented, “Brothers are always there to stand for their little sister. Touched my heart. May God always keep you happy.”

A third user commented, “Responsible loving brother! God bless him.”

The post has also been flooded with emojis of love, heart, fire and prayers.