Poonam Singh

Indian weddings have a number of rituals, and ‘varmala’ is one of the most important rituals on the D-day as it is the first ritual in which the bride and the groom get to see other for the first time during the wedding.

Both the groom and the bride look forward to the ceremony, but many times the ritual has some incidents that find its way to social media and becomes viral. One such incident which has gone viral on social media shows a bride screaming on the wedding stage after 'varmala'.

The video is part of a funny Varamala video on Youtube which has many hilarious varmala clips. However, the video we are talking about starts at 1.15 min of the video. 

The video starts with the bride and groom putting garlands on each other with great love and joy. After that, they are asked to pose for the photos and they hence, they stand silently for the pictures. 

Out of nowhere, someone fires a firecracker near the wedding stage. The cracker comes flying toward the bride and bursts near her leaving her frightened. Then, she can be seen screaming and falling on the groom. The groom then helps the bride stand and calms her down.

The video clip is hilarious and netizens loved it and commented praising the groom for taking care of the bride.

“Last 9 was very funny”, “No. 9 accha tha jo insan itni care kar sakta hai wo pyar Kitna karega apni wife ko” and “9 no wala couple mst”, wrote the users.