Poonam Singh

Desi weddings are incomplete without a bit of drama and fighting. Sometimes, lack of proper infrastructure interferes with the ceremonies and at other times, relatives cause a stir. Just like this wedding in Uttar Pradesh where the vidai of the bride following the marriage was delayed after a dispute over ‘neg’ between her family and groom's side.

According to Amarujala report, the incident took place in Ujhani area of Badaun on May 20 (Saturday).
Reportedly, the groom, a native Kasganj, had come in a grand procession to the bride’s home on the day of the wedding. However, the groom's friends had a dispute over dance in the procession with bride's side. The groom, somehow, managed the situation the marriage rituals were completed smoothly till the vidai ceremony. 

Reportedly, after the ‘saat phere’ ritual, some workers came in front of the members of the groom's side to take neg. However, they expressed unhappiness with neg received from the groom’s side and had a dispute over this.

According to the traditional norms during the marriage, if Rs 50 is given to someone from the bride's side in neg, the groom's side doubles the amount and gives it as neg.

Later, the baraatis and bride's family tried to convince the people of both sides. The worker agreed, but the brother of the bride refused to send her off to the groom’s house.

The matter reached Ujhani Kotwali and Inspector in charge Praveen Kumar Chauhan reached the spot on the complaint of the groom's father. He spoke to people from both sides. 

The bride's brother raised his doubts about her sister’s happiness. He said if the attitude of the groom and his family is like this from now on, then how his sister will be happy in future. 

He also objected to the antics of the groom's friends during the procession. 

Inspector Chauhan then spoke to the bride and groom and the baraatis and gharatis resolved the matter with mutual misunderstanding and the vidai ceremony took place on Sunday evening.