Poonam Singh

Weddings are incomplete without fun and frolic. Friends and family of the newlywed couples come up with ways to celebrate the special day, sometimes they even plan pranks on the groom and bride to pull their legs.

Recently one such video has surfaced on the internet in which the bride’s sisters can be seen pulling a prank on the groom & his friends.

The video opens to show girls removing their sandals and keeping them on a tray. Then they wrap it with a red cloth and applying a tikka on it. Then we can see the groom is seen lighting a lamp and bowing his head before the red cloth potli which has the sandals bride’s sisters. Later, his friends are also seen taking the blessing of the red cloth potli without knowing they are being pranked.

The bride’s family seemed to have a hard time keeping their smile in control as the groom and his friends prayed before the potli without knowing it was a prank.

It was posted by a user called vibhakochar.' Sharing the video, she wrote, “Sorry Jiju” while tagging the groom Prateek Bhadani.

The video amassed over 5.2 million views with over 362K likes. The hilarity of the prank has left even the internet in splits.

In the comments section, netizens were amused by the act. A majority of the comments were filled with laughter emojis and some shared the heart emoji as well.

“Best prank,” posted an Instagram user. “Hahaha good one,” joked another. “Too good,” commented a third. “hasi ruk nai rahi,” wrote a fourth.