Rashmi Ranjan

Indian weddings, may it be a love or arranged marriage, are always filled with fun, emotion, mouth-watering delicacies and dozens of rituals. However, what stands out from the rest is the ‘sindoor’ ritual as it holds utmost significance before the couple starts their conjugal life. 

Recently, a video of the ritual from a marriage ceremony has surfaced on the internet and is being widely loved and shared by the internet users.

In the viral video, the groom can be seen putting sindoor on the forehead of the bride while some of the sindoor falls on the face of the bride.

The groom suddenly starts to wipe the sindoor on the bride’s face. However, the possessive wife restricts the groom as wiping sindoor is considered inauspicious in Hindu ritual.

“Nahi nahi usko kuch nahn karte hain,” someone can be heard saying in the viral video. 

The video so far has garnered 2.4 million views on Instagram and liked by over 1.37 lakh users.

“and she started rectifying him till eternity,” a user commented while another wrote, “How sweet kitni caring h bride.”

“Sindoor enhanced her beauty a lot,” a third user commented.