Poonam Singh

A marriage in Uttar Pradesh was called off after the bride got miffed by the groom’s behaviour during the wedding rituals.

According to a report by Amar Ujala, the incident took place under Shikohabad police station limits of Firozabad district.

Reportedly, the groom arrived in a grand procession at the bride’s home on the scheduled date. Following this the bride’s side gave a grand welcome to the Baraatis. 

Later, the rituals of wedding started with the varmala ceremony. Later, the groom and bride were seated for dinner. The bride was accompanied by her friends. While eating the food, the friends of the bride teased the couple and made some funny jokes. On this, the groom said something which left the bride shocked.

The bride was upset by the groom’s reaction. However, when the families came to know about the incident, they calmed her down and persuaded her to carry on the wedding. However, during the Kanyadaan and saat-phere rituals, the groom again did something which miffed the bride completely and she refused to marry.

Following which, there was ruckus on the wedding stage and all wedding guests gathered there. 

Everyone tried to convince the bride a lot but it did not work. Later, the Panchayat also tried to intervene but the bride did not agree and threatened to end her life if she was forced to marry him. She said that she will die by consuming poison but will not marry that boy. After this, her family members also became speechless.

Later, the groom’s family had to return without the bride.