Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

People these days plan for something exciting on their wedding day to pick some memories which they can cherish lifelong. However, in their try to create memories, some people end up with unexpected consequences leaving everyone surprised and tickling their funny bones.

The costumes of brides and grooms certainly hold great importance for the event that augments their attractiveness. Wearing wedding attires and Performing stunts is certainly risky and tough for anyone. However, recently a video surfaced on the internet that will leave you astonished and leave you rolling on the floors, laughing, at the same time.

In the video, a bride wearing her wedding gown can be seen standing in a port or harbour on a seaside/riverside. Several others can be seen standing close to the bride cheering for her. Suddenly, she jumps into the water where a man can be seen already in it.

However, as she lands, she goes down the water leaving her wedding gown floating on the surface. The man tries to catch the girl while holding the gown, but, she is seen nowhere.

Meanwhile, several others jumped into the water to find the bride. At first, it seems, the bride’s gown slipped off from her body while jumping into the water. But, when other persons intervene it becomes clear that the large gown covered the bride when she jumped. With the help of others, the bride finally succeeds in arranging the gown perfectly.

The video shared on Twitter by CCTV IDIOTS has gone viral on social media. Well, the video has triggered a laugh riot in the comments section with users sharing hilarious comments.