Poonam Singh

Weddings are hectic especially for the bride, with hundreds of things on her mind, from her look to her dress to jewellery and infinite things going on her mind. Things can really be stressful with all the preparations and planning going on. 

However sometimes amid all these planning, people might make mistakes and forget important things as well. Like this bride who forgot to pack her wedding dress for her destination wedding and realised it was missing just four hours before the ceremony was to start.

A video clip capturing this bride's reaction after finding out her wedding dress missing has gone viral. The clip was shared by the bride herself on her Instagram account. 

In the viral clip, the bride can be seen sitting on the bed and can be seen upset as she says that she has forgotten to bring her wedding dress blouse.

She then decided to customize her cocktail blouse and turn it into her bridal attire with the help of her aunt who owns a boutique. However, she had no idea what her final look would be. She got her makeup done and then her aunt with the help of a local tailor was able to alter her cocktail dress which matched her lehanga and dupatta perfectly. 

And if you didn’t know the back story you might not detect it. The bride looked beautiful as she flaunted her final look which was quite similar to the original look that she had in mind.

The bride, Tashika Kaur, a makeup artist by profession, shared the video with the caption, “No matter whatever situation happens, stay positive”.

Takisha said she wanted to share this because she wanted to motivate other brides who might have similar situations in the future. She said no matter what don’t panic and remember that it's your day so don’t let anything affect you. She said do not lose hope as there will surely be a way out just like she was able to alter her cocktail dress and make a jugaad for her blouse for her bridal attire.

The video since being shared on Instagram, has over 5.1 million views, 242,370 likes, and thousands of comments.

“She is so sweet and not a drama queen at all. She handled the situation very well,” a user said. 

“Happened with me too! Kudos to you for not stressing out,” another wrote.