Cassian Baliarsingh

The internet is filled with romantic moments, dance, and wedding photoshoots of brides and grooms, thanks to the wedding season in India. Many weddings have taken over social media due to various reasons.

From brides dancing their hearts out to marriages being called off on mandaps, the internet has seen it all. However, this hilarious video of a bride and groom falling on the stage during a romantic photoshoot will leave you will splits.

The video shows a couple swirling romantically when suddenly both of them fall on the stage and burst out in laughter after the groom trips on the bride’s lehenga and drops her on the floor.

The video was shared on their Instagram handle by Jaipur Pre Weddings. In the video, we can see the groom all dressed up in a sherwani while the bride looks gorgeous in a lehenga. Both of them are busy with a photoshoot.

The groom in style swirls the bride for the photoshoot, but suddenly trips on the lehenga, loses balance and leaves the bride to fall on the floor. However, the bride took the moment lightly and managed to keep her smile all through.

After being shared online, the video has amassed over 12.6 million views with over 5 lakh likes. Users also loved the hilarious video and dropped funny comments in the post.

A user wrote, “Definitely fallen in love,” while another user wrote, “Arrange marriage is scary. What if you fall in love on the wedding day.”
“If you had done leg exercise, you would have made the balance brother,” wrote another user.

A fourth user wrote, “I should not laugh, but I’m laughing a lot.”

Earlier, a video of a bride doing amazing thumkas with her devar (brother-in-law) had gone viral.