Poonam Singh

Marriages are made in heaven, and it is always a pleasure to observe couples who are completely in love. These days, social media is flooded with several such videos that are resonating with netizens. 

Recently one such video is going viral on social media in which a bride can be seen cutely doing something to keep her groom 'protected from evil eye' and later kissing him on his forehead.

The video opens to show a bride and groom standing on wedding stage after their ‘Jaimala’ ceremony. Later the bride is seen putting a ‘kala teeka’ behind the groom’s earlobe to keep him protected from the evil eye. Then she tiptoes to plant a kiss on his forehead. Both bride and groom are seen smiling throughout the video.

The video was shared on Instagram by the page ‘weddmoods’. The reel has received over 7K views and 200 likes.

Netizens found the video heartwarming saying that the bride’s gesture was super sweet and romantic. They couldn’t stop gushing over the cute couple and flooded the comments box with their sweet reactions.

“This is the most beautiful and adorable video on the gram,” a user said.

Another user commented, "This is so cute and adorable."