Poonam Singh

Bride and groom are not only the most happiest and excited people on their wedding day but they are also the most stressed and anxious with all the things going around on the D-day. 

No doubt, bride and groom have a hard day especially the bride as she has a lot of things on her mind from her wedding look to her bridal entry to the thoughts of leaving her family and going into a new family. She is overwhelmed with many emotions. One such moment captured at a wedding is now going viral on social media when a bride can be seen on a call with the groom where she is having an argument over the latter being late to the wedding.

In the viral video, the bride beautifully dressed in a pink lengha can be seen pissed off with her groom as the baarat was not on time. She seems anxious and stressed, and even though the to-be couple's conversation is not audible, it seems his response made the bride angry and she could be heard saying, "Will you not get traffic...No need to come, please don't come now."

It might be shocking, but the bride asked the groom not to come to the wedding. However, a moment later, the bride can be heard again saying, “Jaldi Niklo Yaar, please, Bye.” 

This scene in the video looks very funny but for the bride, it is too stressful and taxing.

The video shared by a page called “bridal_lehenga_designn” has over 142K views and thousands of likes and comments.

Netizens connected with the bride and felt for her and loved the way she scolded the groom

" ye to mere jesi h 😂 ab mt aao 🤣🤣," commented one used while another sympathised with the groom and wrote, "This is before marriage!! Bhagwaan pati ko aage ke jeevan k liye himmat de." Another netizen wrote, "Ab mat aao... 😂😂😂Jldi niklo yr.”