Cassian Baliarsingh

In a touching video, a bride burst into tears after she caught her husband-to-be cheating on her with another woman on their wedding day. The viral TikTok video has left the internet crying as the bride cries inconsolably after being cheated on on her big day.

Her friends and guests try to console her but in vain. The video is reportedly from China and has millions of views and around 47K likes with several comments.

The video opens with a bride running towards a car where the groom-to-be is seen with another girl. Seeing the bride and her friends, the groom tries to hide the other girl. Later, he runs away from the spot while the bride breaks down on the spot.

Dressed in her bridal attire, the bride tries to chase the groom-to-be, but he escapes. Her friends try to console her and give her water as she clutches her chest and breathes heavily. The heartbreaking video has left the internet teary-eyed.

The caption of the video reads, “She really caught her soon-to-be husband cheating on their wedding day in the limo! #Cheating #Wife.”
Social media users sympathized with the bride and asked her to stay strong in the comments section.

“As bad as it hurts her, thankfully he showed his true colours before they were married. Now, she can look for a man deserving for her. Bless her heart. That would hurt,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “It may be a blessing in disguise, but it would’ve been better if she caught him before the actual engagement. The amount of embarrassment, stress and anger she had to feel while wearing that gown on their actual wedding day is on another level of emotional and mental damage.”

“Cheating should be considered a crime,” commented another user.

A fourth user wrote, “Can we get an update on her? Is she ok now? This really saddened my heart.”