Poonam Singh

Indian weddings are not only about feasts, dance and celebrations. Age-old traditions and rituals also hold special significance during the wedding.

However, over time, many are challenging the orthodox societal norms and breaking patriarchal stereotypes while coming up with quirky new traditions of their own. One such ritual requires the bride’s brother to do a ritual called ‘Dhaan buaaii’ or ‘dhaan bawai’ or ‘Khai Poda’ in which he has to give the bride and groom popped rice during the saat pheras.

However, a bride chose her sister instead of her cousins to perform this ritual, which has gone viral on social media.

The bride herself took to share the video on Instagram with the caption, “In this changing world, patriarchy still exists in unsaid rituals and forms. It takes guts to go against them as you will go against the society as well. But hum nhi karenge to kaise next generation ki life better hogi”

In the video, the bride and groom can be seen in the wedding mandap near the havan kund, while her sister can be seen pour the popped rice.

This lovely wedding moment is going viral on social media for breaking patriarchal stereotypes and encouraging gender equality.

The video has amassed over 156K views so far. While many congratulated the couple on their new journey, some users lauded the bride for asking her sister to perform the ritual.

One wrote, “True sense of equality.” Another user commented, “Nice thought i wish ye jodi hamesha khush rahe.” A third user wrote, “I also have a sister...and nothing makes my heart happier than this. Brb bawling my eyes out.”