Cassian Baliarsingh

Two women constables guarding a bank in Bihar are being hailed as heroes for showing exceptional courage and foiling a robbery bid by three armed robbers. It took less than a second and not a moment’s hesitation for the two brave lady cops to stop the robber who tried to force their way into the bank.

The video of the incident, captured on the CCTV cameras installed at the bank, has been going viral now. Netizens are all praise for the two lady cops and demanded bravery awards for both of them.

The two brave cops have been identified as Juhi Kumari and Shanti Kumari.

In the video, Juhi and Shanti were seen sitting at the entrance of the Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank in Senduari Chowk of Bihar’s Hajipur when the three robbers try to enter the premises.

On being asked to show their documents, one of the men draws a pistol and tries to threaten the lady cops. However, both Juhi and Shanti fight them off following which the robbers flee the bank.

“I asked them if they had work in the bank, they said yes. When I asked them to show the passbook, they pulled out a gun,” said Juhi.

“When we stopped them, they tried to snatch our rifles. But Juhi cocked her gun at them and was about to shoot when they ran away,” Shanti said. In the process, Juhi suffered minor injuries, reports said.

“While it’s highly concerning that Bihar is steadily returning to its old bad ways, this rise of new age bravery especially amongst girls/women gives a lot of confidence about how things can be turned around when a good leader takes charge. Hope these two brave minds are rightly awarded,” opined a user.

Another user wrote, “Hope they are awarded handsomely. Never think twice in appreciating and awarding the work which sets good precedence and in admonishing or punishing something which sets the bad one.”

“Brave women. Wondering on what circumstances they are allowed to use the gun. A knife would have been more handy than a gun,” commented a third user.