Cassian Baliarsingh

A video of a brave man putting his life at risk to save a trapped wolf rightfully proves that humanity is still alive. Although panicked, the man saves the wolf and is winning hearts online.

The video shared on Twitter has garnered over 572.6K views with 8053 likes and 709 retweets and the number of views and likes is only increasing each second. The video starts with a wolf sitting on a field with its front leg being caught in a trap.

The man spots the wolf and tries to release it. With the help of a noose pole, the man first tries to tie up the wolf’s mouth so that it doesn’t bite it. After a couple of attempts, he manages to pin the ferocious wolf to the ground and tie its mouth.

He then slowly helps the animal remove its leg from the trap. As soon as he finishes rescuing the wolf, he runs away in fear. Later, the wolf wakes up and runs towards the forest. The viral video was shared on Twitter by Terrifying Nature @TerrifyingNatur while its caption read, “Brave Man Rescues Wolf from the trap with the help of a stick.”

The amazing gesture of the man has received praise from all quarters on social media. Netizens took to the comment section to heap praises on the brave man.

“I once tried to rescue a kitten from falling to death, let me tell you, those tiny cute little things have razor-sharp teeth, that’s why seeing this I salute that man,” commented a man.

Another user wrote, “Traps shouldn’t be there in the first place, completely illegal. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing I’ve seen other videos with good Americans releasing animals from traps, especially bobcats.”

“People who serve animals in distress are really kind beings,” commented another user.