Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In Kota city, where many students flock after completing 12th grade to prepare for IIT JEE and NEET, a significant dream is nurtured. However, some students endure immense pressure from their parents to pursue these courses.

Unfortunately, not all students can cope with this academic pressure, leading to situations where some may even contemplate suicide. Recently, several cases reported about such incidents.

The coaching institutes in Kota city are now taking measures to address this issue. Amid this, a video recently went viral on the internet, which was quite amusing. 

In the video, friends in a coaching room found the door closed, and despite calling out, the student inside did not respond.


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Concerned, they contacted the coaching staff and the police, fearing a serious incident similar to recent suicide cases.

The police had to use a hammer to open the door, only to find the student inside peacefully asleep. This led to laughter among everyone present, including the police.

The video gained traction on social media, shared by an account named @naughtyworld on Instagram with the caption "Aise Kaun sota h bhai 🤣.”

It garnered millions of views and likes. Comments on the video were filled with humor, with one user sharing a personal anecdote about a similar incident with their mother, and others joking about the peaceful sleep of the student in the video.

Overall, the incident highlighted both the stress students face and the lighter moments that can arise even in tense situations.