Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

It is quite common for teenagers to experience feelings of love. Be it a boy or girl, individuals develop emotional connection which gradually gets deeper. Being in a relationship during high school days or college life is quite common these days. 

However, have you ever witnessed any of your friends proposing inside a classroom? If yes, what was your reaction? Here we bring a video in which a boy can be seen proposing to a girl inside a classroom.

In the video, the boy can be seen going down on his knees holding flowers in his hand. The girl reacts instantly trying to hold on to her excitement and surprise simultaneously. Other girls in the classroom also seem to be excited and trying to control it. 

Meanwhile, some boys in the classroom capture the lovely moment on their mobile phones. While the girl continues to control her excitement, her friends cheer and celebrate the moment by clapping and giving a shout-out. 

The girl turns back and asks the boy to stand up. The boy instantly handovers the flowers to the girl and gives her a chocolate packet. 

As the duo starts interacting the boy handovers a ring box to the girl. Controlling her excitement, the girl holds the box and sits on the bench. Meanwhile, friends of the boy stand behind him to support him.

Such instances have become quite common these days and videos go viral on social media platforms in no time.

Well, the video shared on Instagram by riya_rajpoot16 has been liked over 116K times and users have flooded the comments section with their reactions. 

The video has received mixed reactions. However, most users have opined that being in a relationship at a young age is not bad. But, instead of focusing on all such things, they should focus on their studies and not let their parents down with their expectations.

A user wrote, “Piyar karna galat nhi hai lekin kabhi karna chahiye vo jaruri shochne ki baat hai.” (sic)

Another wrote, “Itni himmat hme hoti to aj 10-12 girl friend hoti.” (sic)

“wah bete yahi kam karne jate ho tom log kamse kam aapne maa baap ki ummido ko to mat todo tum par wishwas hay unka to smman karo,” wrote a third user. (sic)