Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a Pakistani man has become the talk of the town after he gifted a baby donkey to his bride on their big day. The unusual gift has caught everyone’s attention on social media.

The man, a YouTuber by profession from Karachi in Pakistan, surprised his bride with the baby donkey at their wedding reception. Interestingly, the bride was also overjoyed after seeing the gift and loved the baby donkey.

According to sources, two Pakistani YouTubers, Warisha Javed Khan and Azlan Shah, had an intricately planned wedding. After the wedding, Azlan Shah surprised Warisha with a baby donkey during their reception as she was always fond of donkeys.

Now, a video of the event posted on Shah's Instagram page has been going crazy viral. After being posted on Instagram, so far, the video has garnered over 99.9 lakh likes on the photo-sharing social media platform.

Sharing a series of pictures, the YouTuber wrote, “I always knew that Warisha loved baby donkeys, so this is my wedding gift.”

He again clarified that the baby donkey had not been separated from its mother and wrote, “PS: We didn’t separate this baby donkey from his mother, we brought her along.”

He also attached a video explaining the reason for his bizarre gift and said, “The question is, why only a donkey in the gift? So the answer is that you (bride) likes it and secondly, it is the most hardworking and loving animal in the world.”

Warisha can also be heard speaking to the donkey and saying, "I will not let you remain just a donkey." 

Again Azan says, “I love animals, whatever people may say, donkey is my spirit animal, I love donkey, this is my gift to Warisha.”

Meanwhile, Pakistani media reports suggest that Azlan and Warisha’s wedding was one of the most expensive weddings in Pakistan. A large number of YouTubers, TikTokers and Pakistani celebrities graced the occasion. 
But, it was the baby donkey, that made it one of the most talked about events on social media.