Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Kids love exploring new things. However, their tender age forces them to remain anxious and alert for probable dangers. But, here we bring a video that shows the courage and explicit skill of a kid for riding a bike. 

What is the normal age when people start riding a two-wheeler? What is the average height that should be considered before riding a bike? 

Two-wheeler bikes are generally meant for the average person. Persons below 4 feet will not be able to ride a bike easily. 

Average-height persons can easily ride two-wheelers whereas people with short height face difficulties while riding bikes. People of short height can relate to it. 

However, this kid has proven that one doesn’t need height or a particular age to start riding a bike. Skills and desire are all that a person needs to turn the impossible possible. 

As seen in the video, a kid is seen riding the pillion of a bike while another kid handling the bike while standing beside it turned it on and the vehicle started moving. Without any hesitation, the kid handling the bike stepped on the footrest and mounted on the seat comfortably. 

Till the video ended, both the kids drove safely on the road without any problem. 

Well, this is something you don’t get every day to watch. Though the stunt is dangerous for the kids as well as other commuters, the incident is certainly surprising. 

Without any adult supervision or guidance, the kids rode the bike without thinking about the dire consequences. Accidents are unexpected and such steps could prove fatal.