Cassian Baliarsingh

Only pet owners will understand the unconditional bond that they share with their furry friends. The love is no less than the love between a parent and their child. Pets are the best things that anyone can ever ask for. Be it a pet dog or cat, they can instantly lighten up any bad day and give the best vibes.

Meanwhile, a man in Bengaluru has been hogging the limelight for going the extra mile to give bike ride experience to his two pet cats. A video of him riding his motorbike as his pet cats quietly enjoy the ride has been going viral. 

The video was shared on Twitter by a social media user Aarun Gowda. Sharing the video, he wrote, “Found this guy in ORR today!” Since being shared online, the video has garnered over 315.2K views, 5594 likes and counting.

In the video, we can see the man riding a bike with a backpack on his shoulders. Interestingly, a cat is sitting on his bag and grabbing into his shoulders while another cat is seen perched on his bike’s tank. 

The pet cats can be seen relaxing during the bike ride. While the internet is loving the video, many pointed out that it can be exceedingly harmful for both, the cats and as well as for the biker.

“Such an irresponsible act!! It’s not something to show off,” commented a user while another wrote, “I can’t even look at this without feeling super anxious for the kitties. Some people do not deserve to have pets.”

“It’s not safe to take animals like this that too on Bangalore traffic. Safety is the first priority according to me,” commented another user.

“One pothole and the orange cat goes flying,” wrote another user.