Ramakanta Biswas

The deplorable and pothole-filed roads in Bengaluru have emerged as one of the major civic problems which often lead to multiple accidents and casualties.  

Residents of the southern city were frequently seen complaining about the pathetic condition of the roads and blaming the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). 

However, it seems the issues remain largely unaddressed.

Concerned over frequent road mishaps, a group of children came forward to fill the potholes. In the video shared by Kamran, children were seen filling the roads with the mixture of cement and sand. 

“A heart warming video of kids filling potholes. They are filling, so they don't loose their parents to one such #Pothole Trust me, NO CHILD WANTS TO BE AN ORPHAN A message to the leaders of #Bengaluru including CM @BSBommai. Please don't spoil their future with your corruption,” Kamran wrote alongside the video. 

The video garnered the attention of a large number of people who hailed the initiative taken by the kids. 

“Wow very good Job, sarkaar ko sharm Aani chahiye, Aaj ke aur kal ke yein bachhein netaa Hain, bachhein itnaa samajh gayein leinkin barein log ki samajh main nahi Aata,” wrote an user. 

“Children filling potholes is heartwarming and heart-wrenching at the same time..but where are the voting-eligible adults living in that area or the parents of these kids? Where's their voice? Or have they sold it along with Rs 500, a vote?,” questioned an user.

“Proud of these children,” a third user wrote.
Another user took a dig at the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) for allegedly not repairing the roads.

“BBMP officials should be ashamed of themselves after watching this video,” the user wrote.

“Nice Slap for the BBMP officials.. they are thick skined though... Hope they dont book cases for child labor,” wrote another user.

As per a report published by The Hindu, at least six people were killed across the Silicon Valley in accidents caused due to potholes in a span of one year.