Cassian Baliarsingh

A traffic cop from Bengaluru has proved that humanity is still alive. He has been earning praise on social media after he risked his own life to save a pigeon. 

Identified as Suresh from Rajajinagar traffic police station, he climbed a hoarding to untie a thread wrapped around a pigeon. He is being hailed on social media for risking his own life to free the pigeon and let it fly.

The video has taken social media by storm after being shared on Twitter. Bengaluru’s deputy commissioner of traffic police (west), Kuldeep Kumar R Jain took to his Twitter and wrote, “The hidden and unexplored side of policemen. Well done Mr Suresh.”

Since being shared online, the video has over 119.2K views, 5765 likes, 665 retweets and counting.

“Amazing! Great to see the humane side of the cops,” wrote a user while another wrote, “This is beyond the call of his duty. Please ensure he is suitably awarded.”

A third user wrote, “Well done and thank you for caring.”

Another user wrote, “Appreciate the efforts of Suresh. Social conscious staffs like this make police respectful and meaningful. He went beyond the comfort zone and call of duty, which is more appreciable. Hats off to him, it’s the values and upbringing that creates such socially conscious citizens.”

“To do something with a pure heart, can only bring good back to the owner. Just as he gives to the receiver,” wrote another user.

However, many social media users mentioned that they should use safety gears.

“Excellent intent and gesture.. However, it would have been better to see the policeman able to quickly arrange and use safety gears. Can we equip our PCR vehicles with emergency/safety kits and train our staff to use those?” wrote a user while another commented, “Sir it’s a daring and great job, please don’t encourage them to do this job without safety gears, even their lives matter.”