Rashmi Rekha Das

It’s normal for people to feel upset about losing their hair. But for cancer patients, hair loss may be one of the most distressing side effects of cancer treatment.
Of late, a video of a barber shaving off his head in solidarity with a cancer patient has earned applause on social media. And, this video has now gone viral for all good reasons.

In the video, a woman at the salon can be seen getting her hair shaved. The woman featured in the video is a cancer fighter. She can be seen breaking down when the barber starts shaving off her hair. After shaving off her hair, the barber did something unthinkable. 

The barber shaving her head can be seen embracing his customer to comfort her. The cancer fighter was left speechless when the barber shaved off his own head. He did this in solidarity with the cancer fighter.

Watch the video below:

Goodnews Movement shared the video and captioned it, “No one fights alone! He shaves off his own hair in solidarity with a cancer patient.”

The video has garnered over 1 million views soon after being posted. Netizens were absolutely in love the barber’s heart-warming gesture. 

“That guy embodies what’s the right thing to do. Bless his heart and his customer’s too. May she have a full recovery. She’ll be in our thoughts and prayers,” a user wrote.

Another user commented, “Amazing work done barber... He given lot of confidence to cancer patient.” A third user wrote: “How moving. That left me in tears.”

Praising the barber, a fourth user said, “This is the world I was proud to grow up in. We need more of this stuff.”