Pradeep Singh

It is said, 'feed your mind with ideas of success and you will never taste failure, whatsoever'. And, it seems, the young India is riding on the same theory. The never 'break down' attitude is gradullay developing among the Indian youths who are leaving no stone unturned to make their stars shine for themselves without waiting for someone to do it for them or simply blaming their fate.

Here, we have come up with inspirational stories of two such youths who despite their educational qualifications never hesitated to take up a profession that many can't even think of.

A B.Tech student from Bihar, Vartika Singh, gladly says that she doesn't want to wait for four years till the completion of her degree to start her own start-up. And hence, she has already started her outlet under the name 'B.Tech Chaiwali' at Faridabad in Haryana.

"I want this outlet to have branches across India so that I can provide jobs to people. I wanted to have my own start-up and without wasting time, I started it," said a confident Vartika.

"A masala chai is of Rs 20, price of lemon tea is also Rs 20 while the rate of normal chai is Rs 10... Please visit my outlet at least once and taste the chai (tea). You will definitely like it," she said while asking support from people.

A video of Vartika has been shared on the Instagram handle 'swagsedoctorofficial'. Posted on October 4, the video has so far garnered over 5k likes.

WATCH below:



Another youth, Avinash is a B.Com graduate and now selling 'idli'. Ask him about his profession and he will simply win your heart with his words. "...I completed my graduation in 2019. I had worked at McDonald’s for three years. There, I had an idea to enter into food business." 

He further said that after sitting at home without any work for around three months, he thought of taking up the food stall business on bike, and as his wife is from south India, his idea got materialised.

"Give some time to do what you like (a job) but after that, if you feel it's not your cup of you, you should start your own business," added Avinash.

LISTEN to what the proud Commerce graduate 'Idliwala' says: